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Devon, England.

January 2002

Skimboarding is a simple and inexpensive sport. All you need is a skimboard and a flat sandy beach. You don’t have to be mega fit, or have years of experience, just about anyone can do this!!

Simply put, you throw your skimboard in front of you and then jump onboard and ride it. Some people have compared it to beach-surfing on a tea tray!



Skimboards can come in different shapes and sizes, but the ones that we have had the most fun with, have been circular. Our skimboards are about 70cm across, 4cm thick and made of wood. They are treated with some sort of waterproofing to stop them falling apart once wet. I am more into the fun side than the manufacturing, so can’t tell you exactly what it is. We got our skimboard from Surf Wax.



Once you have got your skimboard, you need to find a fairly flat sandy beach. The reason for a flat beach is because you only need a couple of centimetres of water and a flat beach means that you will have a larger area to play on than a steep sloping one. The larger the area, the greater the distance you can travel. We normally skim after a days surfing, when the tide is going back out.



As mentioned earlier, the idea is to throw the board in front of you and jump onto it while it is still moving. It is as simple as that. Skimboards are designed to aquaplane across shallow water. You throw the board the same way that you would throw a frisby. But make sure that you don’t throw it too far, because you have to catch up with it and jump onboard.



Once the board is traveling smoothly along the surface of the water, it is time for you to jump on. Jumping on is the easy bit. Staying on is harder!

We have found it is best to ride the skimboard with one foot towards the front of the board and the other at the back.. Put your weight on to your back foot and point your front foot in the direction you want to go.



You can only travel in a straight line, so make sure that you have plenty of room in front of you. Also, you will get wet, so wear appropriate clothing.

These are great toys to play with on the beach!!



Now before I get any more e-mails telling me that what I have described is not the “Big Boys” stuff, let me just say, “yes, I know”! I am not a pro-skimboarder, just a guy out to enjoy himself. The activity I do is also known as “skidboarding”. If you want to see how the “Big Boys” do skimboarding or skidboarding, check out the Extreme Dreams “Links” page.

If you know of any other good skimboard sites, let me know! I really don’t mind a bit of “constructive criticism”!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.