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SUP – Windermere Solstice Festival

Lake Windermere, England

June 2018

In 2015 Rhona and I met Allistair and Alison for the first time at the Windermere Solstice SUP festival. Little did we know then that we would become firm friends, and take on many adventures together.
3 years later we were back at the same event, but this time as a Dragon team. (The only Dragon team!)
As always, we had chatted about this being a fun paddle, but standing at the start line, we started to discuss tactics. Apparently only one person had ever done the 10.5 mile course in under 2 hours. All of a sudden our “fun” paddle turned into “let’s beat the 2 hours”.
I’m glad to say that we did it, with a couple of minutes to spare. I’m also glad to say, that as I was on the front of the board, I was the first one across the finish line, and this will probably be the only time I finish ahead of either Allistair, or Alison, (who then went off to do the 55km Thames race the next day.)
As well as the awesome duo, I’d like to say how proud I am of my wonderful Rhona, who was drafted on to the board at the last minute, and took it all in her stride, even if she did have a case of “Dragon Tourette’s”, (phrase coined by Lucy Pearce)
Thanks to Red Paddle Co for the loan of the Dragon and to Palm Equipment for the team’s paddle gear!
And thanks to GB SUP, Geoff, and Sarah for the loan of their pics.


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.