Extreme Dreams is a showcase for Dean Dunbar, blind adventurer

Two years after being registered blind, at the age of 29, Dean did a charity tandem skydive which changed his life.

Since then he has notched up over 100 activities around the world, ranging from adventure racing to zorbing, and set almost 25 world firsts in activities ranging from open-water swimming to stand up paddle-boarding.

And there’s more, over 80 challenges in fact…!

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On June 23rd, Dean & Rhona joined Allistair & Alison, for a gentle paddle on the Red Paddle Dragon at the Windermere Solstice SUP race, in preparation for the SUP 11 City.  Read more HERE. Read more…


Here are the latest videos featuring Dean’s adventures: Click here to go to the  channel


8th July 2018

Loch Tummel, Scotland

How come the waves never look as big on the photos as they actually were?
With 20+kmph winds, and gusts of over 30, todays’ paddle on Howlin’ Tummel was a real tester.
At some points it was easier to pull the blade back through the water than push it forward through the air.
These conditions proved to be a great opportunity for me to try and surf the bigger waves. Whilst doing this I learned to high and low brace, (purely by accident). I’m not really sure what I did, Read more…

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  • SUPtemeber 15th – Dean & Allistair will be back at the Great Glen Paddle, for their 3rd year.
  • SUPtember 1st – After Dean’s eyes let him down in last years’ SUP 11-City, (220km non-stop), he will be returning again, but this time sharing a Red Paddle Co Dragon board with Allistair Swinsco, Alison Rennie, and Joanne Hamilton Vale.
  • July 5th – Dean was a presenter at the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards at Holyrood Palace.
  • June 23rd – Dean, Allistair, Alison, and Rhona were at the Windermere Summer Solstice race on a Red Paddle Dragon board, in preparation for the 11 City in SUPtember. Click HERE.
  • June 5th – Dean and Patrick joined forces to tell both sides of how last years’ first ever SUP to St Kilda adventure went – Birnam Arts.
  • May 27th – The Daily Record did a wee article about Dean’s upcoming SUP 11 City challenge. Click HERE.
  • May 24th – Dean joined the Nairn Academy Duke of Edinburgh Awards group for a 3 day SUP expedition training session. Read more HERE.
  • May 23rd – British Canoeing did a wee article about Dean’s passion for SUP.  Click HERE.
  • April 15th – Dean & Rhona joined old friends Carl & Maria Sawyer on a Dragon at the Head of the Dart SUP Challenge. Read more HERE.
  • January 9th – TotalSUP have written an article about last years’ St Kilda SUP.  Read more HERE.



These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.


Having taken on almost 100 challenges around the world and set over 25 world firsts, Dean has a large repertoire to draw upon. Whether it be talking about becoming the first person to abseil the UK’s highest waterfall, or swim the UK’s highest loch, or being the first registered blind person to stand up paddle-board from the Scilly Isles to Cornwall, or bungee jump from a helicopter, Dean has many experiences to share.


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Dean has been the first in the world with a number of his challenges…